Nashik Live Temperature-Weather-Climate-Current right now

Nasik is a very beautiful city which experiences extreme weather - hot summers and cold winters.
  • Summers (Months : March to May) are hot with maximum temperature above 40°C.
  • Monsoons (Months : June to September) offer medium rainfalls giving reprieve of the hot climate; it is good for city visit.
  • Winters (Months : December to February) are mostly pleasant with a maximum and minimum temperature of 32°C and 8°C.
Today's temperature of Nashik

In the image below you can find the exact location of Nashik in Maharashtra map.It is located near sea shore.

Nashik Map

Location of Maharashtra on the Indian political map:

Maharashtra Map

Best Season to visit Nasik is between October and March.
  • October to March offers very pleasant temperature and perfect for outings and sight seeing.
  • June to September offers moderate temperature with rainfalls and ideal for the people who love rainy weather.
  • April and May are hot.


Anonymous said...

nashik rocks in every season.. :)

Anonymous said...

Overpopulous nashik sucks.

Abhijeet Bhujbal said...

Nashik one of the best city for all seasons

Vivek Patil said...

Wow superb temperature in winter night..
Awesom at 6 degree temperature.